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Esma's interview for "World"
The exclusive interview for the famous serbian magazine "World" where she talks about her humanitarian activities, her Nobel Prize for Peace nomination, her duets with the young and popular macedinian colleagues and her opinion about the serbian music scene.


Esma in London
On Sunday, 09 February, in the "Equinox discotheque" in London, Esma had an extremely successful concert, long with her gipsy orchestra.





Esma departs from Skopje again
On a tour throughout the Benelux countries (Vecer, 19.02.2002) - The Queen of Rhoma and Macedonian traditional song, Ms. Esma Redzepova, continues to conquer Europe and the audience of the old continent. The great lady, after the spectacular and successful performance on the gossiped manifestation “Golden Ladybird”, continues on the trails of success. In few days she is leaving on concerts in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Esma will stay there ten days and will hold the same number of soloist concerts. On the program will be her songs from the latest CD’s, which the popular singer has released for the foreign and domestic market, and in the first place, she will promote the CD “Chae Shukarie”, for which these is an enormous interest in their media. This tour will be followed by the cameras from TV stations from the above countries, and the videos will be additionally broadcasted. We hope that Esma, the way God made her for song and for concert spectacles, will repeat what has recently happened to her in Zagreb in “Lisinski” Hall, when she made a real “boom”!

Esma conquered Zagreb(Vest, 8.01.2002) - “Such a strength of the performance, such a power of gathering people that listen her and conversion of the audience in one body, once had Edith Piaf”.
With these words the reporter of the Zagreb weekly magazine “Globus” described the recent concert of the legendary Esma Redzepova in the capital of Croatia. The Rhoma queen performed in the concert hall “Vatroslav Lisinski” in Zagreb on December 27th, last year. In the crowded hall, among the incredibly various audience, according to the words of the “Globus” reporter, were the well-known Croatian faces: Drazen Vrdoljak, Sasa Zalepugin, Severina, Rene Bakalovic, Boris Leiner, but also gentlemen with Roman physiognomy in expensive suits, young couples with small children, older ladies dressed in evening dresses, large part of the Croatian theatre world, even some punk, as well as those weird “males” with tick necks and girls that “go crazy”…
Esma appeared on the stage in Macedonian traditional costume. “There is some magic in the strength and in the color of her voice”, the journalist of “Globus” would elatedly note and add: “While you are listening her, at least once you would think-either you sing this way or you do not sing at all”.