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      “…Even though he is self-taught, the only teacher of a mobile music school, Stevo has groomed thirty or so young boys for life and a musical career. At the end of the fifties, amongst the first of many, Enver Rasimov was only nine years old when he took that unusual rhythm instrument, the tarabuka, in his hands. And- with his work and musicality he has unquestionably long contributed to the successes of this popular folk music ensemble. He has also sung with Esma, even made a record with her, a duet. When he grew up, as a men and a musician-singer, and instrumentalist, he made his own way, did his army service, got married, became the father of four… Today, thirty-three years old, Enver has made fiftheen or so records of his ovn. And is very grateful to his strict yeacher Stevofor his general music training just as all the others are grateful to him. In the plead of musicians that learnt their A.B.c. of music in the Teodosievski mobile home there are Medo Cun, a clarinetist and drummer, than the very popular singer Muharem Serbezovski and Ljubica Antonievic, the only female vocalist from Esma. Then there are the trumpet-players: Redzep Ajdarov-Belic, Sefket Aliev, Kiro durakovic, Safet Ibraimovic(better known by the nickname Srecko) and Ibro Demir (Kec); the guitarists;Slavisa Kamberovic, Zahir Ramadanov, Aleksandar piperkov, Dragan Tasevski and Aca Simonovski(also  a vocal solist); the duble bass players: Todor Dzordzevic (now a member of the Belgrade Radio-TV folk band), Dimitar






Bugarinski (now a member of the Skopje Radio-TV  folk band), and Blagoje
Veljanovski; the clarinetist: Sami Zekirovski (better known by the nickname Buco,
who also sings solo), Apostol karadzov(Toni), Tunan Kurtisov, Jordan Nikolovski(Joco), Pece Petkovski, Idaver Mamutovski, Alija Eminov and Ferus Mustafov; the drummers:Dzemo Eminov, Sadan Sakib, Eljam Rasidov, Simeon Atanasov.

      Besides Stevo his nephew Pero Teodosievski has also played according in this group with its distinctive sound. Now there Is a new pupil-Learning the accordion-little Sasko Velkov, again an attraction in the Ensemble, because he plays the most difficult Macedonian rhythms and Romany melodies like a virtuoso, and he is only ten years old.  Sasko belongs to the fifth generation of artistic talents that have come to stand before the fans of the renowned traveling ensemble-the ambassadors of the Yugoslav entertainment world…”